Web Accessibility Policy

KBS World Radio’s Web site complies with“Korean Web contents access guideline 2.0”which was enforced in December 2010 as part of the Korea Information Communication Standard in order to ensure equal access to the Internet by all usersregardless of their abilities ordisabilities.
In addition to using Web accessibility evaluation tools such as K-WAH and Html&CSS Validator, we invited internal and external expertsto manually test our Web accessibility. We strive to improve our accessibility and may post changes to our usage guidelines on this site without prior notice.
Our Web site is designed to work with accessible technology such as screen readers to ensure that users with disabilities may navigate the site with ease.But please note that some disability assistance tools may not be compatible with our Web site and may not work.
We provide all of the documents attached to our site in PDF or DOC formats. But please understand that we may not provide all of the documents as text files
We cannot providesubtitles, sign language or scripts with our video and audio filesdue to copyright laws. We do, however, provide a brief summary of the contents of our multimedia files in most cases.
Also note that accessibility to our archived contents is inadequate at the moment due to a lack of original files or difficulties in reconstruction. We will improve accessibility to our archives in stages to enhance the user experience.
We strive to enhance our Web accessibility. Please contact us if you have problems or ideas about improving our accessibility.
ㅇ Contact: KBS World Internet Team
ㅇ E-mail: rki@kbs.co.kr


Tools to assist accessibility

可使用屏幕阅读器 Screen reader function (Screen Reader)
Visually impaired users may access information on our Web site by using screen readers

使用键盘 Keyboard access
Users with physical disabilities or visual impairment who are unable to use mice may access our Web site solely by using the keyboard.

浏览器 Browser magnifier option
Users with low vision may enlarge the screen display or text size of our Web site.



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