[Backstage Chat] SF9
  • 2017-03-08
  • Britty Datin Hasna Afaf
  • Hit : 306
Hello SF9~ 언녕하세요 ^^
Introduce my self, my name is Britty Datin Hasna Afaf from Solo, Indonesia.
Congratulation for your 1st mini album! I really love Roar and the song is very eyecatching :) So I wanna ask you guys..
1. What’s the concept of the album?
2. What do you think, who is the most handsome in SF9 and what is his charms?
3. I want to ask you guys as fans, please make an acrostic poem with SF9~ (let all the members do it^^)

thank you for gimme chance to ask you guys :)
once again, fighting for your comeback!

love from your fans,
Britty D. Hasna Afaf
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