Your 2 Cents (Y2C) Monday, September 4
  • 2017-09-04
  • Hasna
  • Hit : 96
Hello DJ Angie and DJ Peter, our new host!! Congratulations be part of KBS World Radio English Service Family. Introduce my self, my name is Hasna from Indonesia. Actually I become listener of KBS World Radio English Service lately, but I listening KBS World Radio Indonesia Service since 2013 cause I living in there and easy to me to find it in local radio. I am so happy when the first time enjoying this show, the important thing is whenever I listening English section, increase my skill. LOL! This is so awesome and become my advantage to improve my English skill especially listening cause I little bad in English.
Thank you so much listen my story, I hope Y2C more famous in the future and always accompany my spent time :)

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