Your 2 Cents (Y2C) Thursday, September 7
  • 2017-09-04
  • Hasna
  • Hit : 388
How are you DJ Angie and DJ Peter? I hope both of you keep spirit this time~

The first idol group catch my heart is Girls' Generation. First time I hear Gee song when I was on Junir high school. Because I am typical curious so I browsing the music video. It was sweety and very nice! it was the first time I listen KPop. As time goes by I know Kpop, I addicted by Replay song by SHINee and they're my first bias until now. They always show unique concept, different taste of music and high performance when they are on stage. For kpop singer, I really like IU and Taeyeon, they are my role because both of them are so pretty, have a wonderful voice and royal to fans.

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