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KBS World Radio’s news and feature programs help you explore the multiple facets of Korean culture, politics and society.


  • News & Current Affairs Shows
  • We provide you with the latest news from home and abroad, in addition to in-depth analysis on major issues, with a close eye on Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula in particular.


  • Feature Shows
  • Our feature programs deal with interesting events, topics and figures related to Korea in a captivating manner.


  • Culture & Tourism Shows
  • Multiple aspects of Korean culture and tourism are highlighted with an aim to heighten the understanding of Korea and spotlight its striking charm.


  • Pop & Entertainment Shows
  • Check out the latest K-pop hits and E-news on our pop and entertainment shows.

    Here, you can learn all about the current stars leading the Korean Wave.


  • Korean Language Lesson Show
  • We provide the easiest and most efficient way to learn the Korean language with our entertaining lessons and tips.


  • Programs for Korean Expatriates
  • We also have special programs tailored for the 7 million Koreans living all over the world.

    KBS World Radio delivers fresh news on what's happening in the motherland along with useful information to this crowd.


  • Listeners' Feedback Program
  • The listeners' feedback program features letters, e-mails and reception reports from our audience and deals with all comments and inquiries about KBS World Radio's programming or Korea in general.

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KBS World Radio Mobile
  • KBS World Radio Mobile
  • The new app consolidates KBS World Radio’s news and feature contents with services previously provided through separate apps...


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