Sweet 18/Little Bride / 18 Year Old Bride


Sweet 18/Little Bride / 18 Year Old Bride

The concept of an arranged marriage is often difficult to accept, especially in today’s world. Sweet 18 (Nang Rang 18 Seh) is a story about the difficulty of a traditional arranged marriage between the offspring of two important families in Korea. The comical story begins when Kwon Hyuk-joon’s grandfather, the head of the esteemed Kwons of Andong, agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson and Yoon Jung-Sook, the daughter of the aristocratic Yoons of Papyeong. Jung-Sook is a baby at the time of her betrothal but 18 years later, things have drastically changed. The former distinguished Yoons encountered financial difficulties soon after the marriage was arranged and had to leave their former life behind.

Jung-sook, now 18, has grown up to be a rebellious and strong-willed girl who is bent on doing things her way, not that she knows what she wants to do, exactly. Hyuk-joon, on the other hand, has become an ambitious, straight-shooting public prosecutor. As expected, when the two meet, they are at odds about everything. However, though Jung-sook thinks her fiancee is everything she rebels against and Hyuk-joon sees Jung-sook as an immature child, they comply with the arrangement made years ago. The drama follows the incompatible couple as they deal with their age and lifestyle gaps, the marriage neither of them chose and the unexpected bond that forms. When Hyuk-joon's first love reappears and wants Hyuk-joon back (despite the fact that he's married), who will Hyuk-joon choose? His first love, Ga-young, or Jung-sook, the young wife he never expected to have feelings for?

- Han Ji Hye stars as the sassy Yoon Jung-Sook
- Lee Dong Gun stars as the debonair Kwon Hyuk-Joon

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