2013 Seoul Motor Show


A festival of the latest automotive technology and design is taking place at the Korea International Exhibition Center in the Seoul suburb of Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. For ten days, from March 29th through April 7th, the Seoul Motor Show 2013 will celebrate the theme “With nature, for the people,” with 384 automobile makers and automotive parts manufacturers from fourteen nations. Let’s visit Seoul Motor Show 2013, the forefront of all the cutting-edge environmentally friendly technologies and eye-catching designs.

The 102-thousand-square-meter exhibition center features, among others, fifteen attention-grabbing concept cars, including a futuristic car that turns on its engine upon recognizing its driver’s face and a vehicle equipped with airbags that protects a pedestrian in an accident. Since its first opening in 1995, Seoul Motor Show has been held every two years, and this year marks its ninth and largest event. Here’s Mr. Huh Wan, secretary general of the Organizing Committee for Seoul Motor Show, to tell us more about the show.

Korea is the world’s fifth largest automobile manufacturing nation. This motor show should match the country’s status in the global automobile industry and as of now it is the third largest motor show in the world in terms of its size and number of spectators. Seoul Motor Show follows the ones in Frankfurt and Shanghai. This year’s show features forty-five new models, nine of which made world premiers, nineteen Asian premiers, and seventeen local premiers. It is also worth noting that thirty-six environment-friendly cars, like electric vehicles or hybrid cars, were showcased in this year’s fair.

For eight years straight Korea has been the world’s fifth largest automobile maker. The only local auto show certified by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Seoul Motor Show is where people can see the latest trends in the automobile industry. The forty-five new models unveiled this year have introduced new technologies to more than 1.2 million visitors and roughly 15 thousand foreign buyers and industry insiders. In particular, Hyundai Motor wowed the world by introducing its latest luxury sports coupe concept car, the HND-9. Here’s Mr. Yoo Ju-ha유주하 from Hyundai Motor’s Product Development Team to tell us more about the model.

(Man) This is the HND-9, a luxury sports coupe concept car. This machine showcases all the exterior and interior features that would define our future car designs. This model is displayed in the main booth, as well as our collaboration project “Equus by Hermes.” There are also zones for the younger generation, sports utility vehicles, and futuristic models that point to the future of automobiles in 2050.

In addition, Infiniti and GM Korea have released its mass-market electric car model for the first time in Asia, and world-leading automakers such as BMW, Ford, and Toyota have also brought out their signature models with much upgraded performance and design. Reflecting the importance of alternative energy, automakers delivered thirty-six vehicles that run on electricity or alternative fuels. Despite the ongoing global recession, Seoul Motor Show is elevating the status of Korean automakers in the global market and pointing the way to a viable future for automobiles.

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