Oh Sang-hoon, the owner of Jebidabang, a multicultural playground for grownups  open the window of AOD


Jebidabang, which means a “swallow tea shop” in Korean, is not your everyday tea and coffee shop. It turns into a club to hold small concerts several nights a week. This unique, multicultural cafe/music club was created by Dankook University’s architectural studies professor Oh Sang-hoon, the lover of art, music, film, and literature. He opened this cultural playground for grownups who wanted to have proper, wholesome fun.

While traveling through Europe in 2005 with his brother, Oh first came across the concept of "cultural playground." The first place they opened espousing that concept was CTR, short for Cultural Topography Research, where artists gathered to discuss cultural issues and play whatever instruments they wanted. That was the beginning of Jebidabang.

Then the Jebidabang project expanded to include cultural magazine publication, compilation album releases, and small art exhibits in an adjacent building. In its fifth year of operation Jebidabang now boasts of many loyal customers. Oh Sang-hoon hopes that Jebidabang long remains a cultural playground for grownups tired from their daily grind.

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