Fall/Winter 2017’s Top Fashion Trends for Men


Fall/Winter 2017’s Top Fashion Trends for Men

Fall is fast approaching and that means cooler weather, changing leaves, and the best time of the year to revamp your wardrobe! For our final episode of K-Beauty & Style, today I’m going to introduce Fall/Winter 2017’s top fashion trends for men.

* Moss Green
The hottest color in men’s fashion for Fall/Winter 2017 is moss green. A tone of green that resembles moss, deep, rich mossy green was seen everywhere on the catwalks, applied to everything from suits to leisurewear. The wonderful thing about this color is that it works nicely on all skin tones. Invest in a moss green peacoat now and keep your style edgy and on-trend.

* All-camel Outfits
This season, more and more menswear designers are embracing the all-camel looks. The trick to wearing the trend is to wear the warm honey hue from head to toe, mixing textures and shades for maximum impact. Rock an all-camel suit now and update your office look.

* Graphic Knitwear
Graphic knitwear will be trending come fall and winter. Multi-colored graphic sweaters featuring fun prints, geometric motifs, and clever quotes are sure to inject your look with some fresh zest for fall. Team up with simple slacks and a pair of white sneakers and you have a stylish fall outfit.

* Turtleneck Sweaters
Another “it” item for the season is the turtleneck sweaters. Turtlenecks (also called rollnecks) have been around for the last couple of seasons and the trend is definitely expanding this fall. For the office, swap your everyday black turtleneck for a camel colored rollneck and team up with a pair of slouchy fit trousers and oxfords for a sleek business-casual look.

* Oversized Proportions
Oversized proportions were more prolific than ever on the catwalks. From pants to sweaters to hoodies to coats, fall/winter staples are all getting the oversized treatment at the moment. Add bigger, chilled-out suits and slouchy-fit pants to your wardrobe now and make your look runway ready.

Play with these tips and enjoy a stylish fall/winter season!

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