Seoul Travel Tips

How to Best Uniquely Enjoy Seoul


Whether you’ve been to Seoul before and you’re looking for something new or it’s your first time but you want to experience it in a different way, today’s episode is just for you with ways to enhance your visit!
While the royal palaces are a must visit for any visitor to Seoul, you can enjoy some of its more exclusive areas through special guided tours. The rear gardens of Changdeokgung Palace, also known as Huwon, are well known for their beauty and where members of the royal family used to relax and enjoy their time. Access to the gardens is only allowed through a guided tour with multiple languages available. At Deoksugung Palace, the striking Seokjojeon is also accessible only through a guided tour. The uniquely modern structure built in a European classical style is where the last royal family resided and provides great insight into the final years of the Joseon Dynasty.
Signing up for a guided tour in advance is also required to enter Cheong Wa Dae or the Blue House in which the Korean president resides. Lasting approximately an hour, the tour offers a look at how important decisions are made by the presidential office. If you have specific areas of Seoul or aspects of the city that you are curious about, Seoul city offers various free guided walking tours conducted in various languages. See the courses and sign up at the Visit Seoul homepage.
Two events that most impacted Korea’s modern history politically, culturally, and as a societal whole is the Japanese colonial occupation and the Korean War. Visiting sites like the Seodaemun Prison History Museum, the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, the Museum of Seoul History, and the Korean War Memorial early on your visit is highly recommended to give you a greater perspective on Korea, its culture, and people and will greatly enhance your visit.
Cultural immersion programs are another fantastic way to make your Seoul visit unforgettable. Korean barbecue tours, pub crawls, Korean food classes, Korean pottery classes, are just some of the experience tour programs offered by various private and public organizations. One excellent resource to compare and shop for these experience programs that have been approved by Seoul city is the online One More Trip platform at Temple Stay programs are also quite popular, even if you’re not religious, as they provide a great way to experience Korean culture.
Seoul offers accommodations of all types and budget but for a really unique experience, stay at one of the hanok homestays. These renovated traditional Korean homes provide a quaint and beautiful setting that will instantly make your stay in Seoul memorable. Search for the right neighborhood and type for you at
Timing can also play an important role in enhancing your visit. Various annual festivals and events such as the Seoul Lantern Festival, Seoul Fireworks Festival, Seoul Summer Sale, and the Seoul Hangang Festival are just some of the city’s top festivals. Check the Visit Seoul homepage for more information about what’s currently ongoing. If you happen to be in the city during the last Wednesdays of every month, this is also Korea’s culture day in which various museums offer free admissions and special performances and productions are offered at discounted rates.
Lastly, making new friends when traveling always helps make a trip unforgettable. Try searching for language exchange groups that regularly meets or even hobby-specific groups such as bike riding, jogging, football, painting, and more.

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