The Fierce Fight, Seventeen Days of Challenges and Olympic Glory

People say watching the Olympics is like watching a drama without a script. It’s full of surprises, as well as hope and glory. On KBS World Radio’s 2012 London Olympics Closing Special <The Fierce Fight, Seventeen Days of Challenges and Olympic Glory>, we’ll take a closer look back at the glory, dreams and passion of our athletes that filled the London skies for the past 17 days.

There were difficulties and hardships, even some wrong judgment calls that plagued our athletes, but they persevered to make it their best Olympic games ever, placing fifth in the medal standings with 13 gold medals, eight silver and seven bronze.

The United States won the honor of being 1st in the medal standings at this year’s Olympics, but all 10,500 athletes from 204 countries were winners, as they strived to inspire a generation with their athleticism and the Olympic spirit.

메달 현황
1 USA 46 29 29
2 CHN 38 27 22
3 GBR 25 15 17
4 RUS 24 25 33
5 KOR 13 8 7
5 대한민국 KOR 13 8 7