Name   Ri Ul-sol
Sex   Male
Date of Birth   1921
Place of Birth   Chongjin, North Hamkyong Province
Posts Held Cadre of the Central and Military Committees of the Korean Workers’ Party, guard commander, commander-in-chief of the People’s Army, member of the 10th and 11th Supreme People’s Assemblies
Claim to Fame Military general
Profile Ultraconservative Ri Ul-sol fought for Korea’s independence from Japan alongside the late North Korean leader Kim Il-sung.

Starting off a regiment commander of the People’s Army in 1948, he became staff officer of the 4th Division two years later. In 1957, he was promoted to major general and division commander, and in 1962, became a lieutenant general with the 5th Corps. Ri became commander of the 1st Group Army in 1968 and cadre of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party in 1970. He was promoted to colonel general in 1972 and took over the 5th Group Army. In 1975, he took over the party’s chapter in North Hamkyong Province.

Ri served as deputy commander of the General Bureau of Security Guards for two years, then was appointed the bureau’s chief. Five years after his promotion to general in 1985, he joined the National Defense Commission in advancing to the center of power. He was named deputy commander-in-chief of the People’s Army in 1992 and commander-in-chief in 1995.

Known as an introvert, Ri received the Order of Kim Il-sung in 1982 and the First Order of the National Flag and Hero of Labor in 1997. He was also named Hero of the Republic in 1972 and 1992.

He retired from the National Defense Commission in 2003.