Name   Ju Chang-jun
Sex   Male
Date of Birth   March 15, 1924
Place of Birth    
Posts Held Central Committee cadre of the Korean Workers’ Party, member of the 10th Supreme People’s Assembly, former ambassador to China
Claim to Fame Diplomat, expert in relations with South Korea and propaganda
Education Advanced Communist Party School (Moscow)
Profile Ju is an interesting figure given his dual experience in propaganda and diplomacy.

In 1957, he was named vice president of the Foreign Culture and Communication Association. A year later, he took over the General Publishing Bureau and became deputy chief of the propagation and agitation bureau of the Korean Worker’s Party. As a major general, Ju served as the North’s chief delegate to the 1958 Military Armistice Commission.

He was assigned to the consulate general in Burma in 1963. Four years later, he was named to a Foreign Ministry council and appointed president of the culture association. In the 1972 inter-Korean Red Cross talks, he led the North’s delegation as chief secretary of the party’s Central Committee and a Standing Committee member of the North’s Red Cross.

In 1973, he was reappointed as the association’s vice president and worked there until 1980, when he was named ambassador to Yugoslavia. In 1983, the party’s Central Committee named him a cadre candidate and promoted him to cadre a year later. In 1985, Ju was the assistant chief delegate in preliminary meetings for inter-Korean parliamentary talks. He later took over the Rodong Shinmun, the official party daily, as editor-in-chief and the Central Committee of the (North) Korean Reporters’ League as chairman. From 1988 to 2000, he was ambassador to China.

In 2005, Ju received the Order of Korean Reunification with 50 other high-ranking officials.