• Buddha's Birthday Special Program 《24 Hours at the Temple》


  • What is a 'temple stay?' Literally, it means to stay at a temple. Why would one want to stay at a temple? Temples are often located somewhere quiet, somewhere close to the nature. A temple is where one can escape the daily routines and unburden one's heart, while experiencing the lifestyles of the Buddhist monks.

    One could look inside themselves through meditation, or relieve their bodies of the long-accumulated fatigue through performing 108 bows. When night falls over the temples, one may also enjoy chats with the monks who have been training their minds for a long time, or even ask them for advices.

    Chances to enjoy the healthy temple cuisine and to learn about the temple cultures, as well as about the spirits of Buddhism, come naturally during the stay.

    'Temple Stay' is becoming a means of healing for many urban dwellers, who can say goodbye to stress and win back their health and peace of mind while walking through the forests that surround the temples.

    Marking Buddha's Birthday in 2014, we'll join visitors from home and abroad during their 'Temple Stay' experiences.