• [Korean War Armistice 60th Anniversary Special] From Heungnam to Geoje

  • The KBS World Radio Korean War Armistice 60th Anniversary Special, “From Heungnam to Geoje”, deals with the miraculous story of 14,000 refugees who survived the icy cold boat ride from Heungnam in North Korea to the warm waters of Geoje Island in South Korea during the Korean War.

    We go back to Christmas Day, 1950 when the U.S. cargo ship, Meredith Victory, filled to the brim with 14,000 refugees and soldiers lands at Jangseungpo Harbor in Geoje.

    Although they did not have much themselves, the Geoje people welcomed the refugees warmly and shared what they had, allowing the people who had left their homes with nothing to settle in the new land.

    The moving stories of refugees who left their family behind, never to see them again, and the Geoje people who became their new family will touch your hearts.