• [New Year’s Special] My Address, Seoul, KOREA~!

  • Korea is now home to more than one million foreigners, with their numbers steadily growing.
    On this New Year's Day Special on KBS World Radio, we take a look at what foreigners find so appealing about Korea, and why they choose to make it their second home. We also look at what Korea's government is doing to make them feel more welcome in their adopted country.

    We meet a number of foreign-born residents in Seoul, who came to Korea to study, find jobs, or get married.
    We also hear their stories of acculturation to the Korean way of life.
    It is always hard to make a life in a strange land, but with a little help from kind-hearted friends and neighbors, and the foreign nationals' willingness to adapt to new surroundings, Korea can be a great place to live and work.