Magnitude 3 Tremors Felt in Southern Region

Write : 2016-04-16 14:31:00 Update : 2016-04-16 14:32:35

The powerful earthquake that hit the Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto early Saturday was even felt in South Korea.
The Busan Metropolitan City Fire Safety Headquarters alone received over 15-hundred reports of a tremor on Saturday. Weather and fire authorities and media firms also received numerous calls reporting that objects and buildings shook. 
The Korea Meteorological Administration said that it received several dozen similar reports in metropolitan Seoul and Chungcheong province but no reports yet of any particular damage.
The administration's earthquake division said that due to the quake in Japan, a three-magnitude tremor, a level that can be detected by ordinary people, was reported in South Korea's southern region. It said that vibrations measured two on the Richter scale in Chungcheong provinces and one in metropolitan Seoul. 

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