September 11,2001

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Plane terror attack on World Trade Center

Cable News Network reported Tuesday night that two different planes crashed consecutively into the upper floors of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York at around 10 pm, Korean Time.

CNN reported that both of the two buildings were partially collapsed.

CNN also reported that an unidentified plane crashed into the Pentagon building in Washington DC.

A light Cesna plane crashed into one of the 110 floor World Trade Center buildings at around 8:48 A.M. local time, and the building itself exploded with the body of the plane crashed inside the building.

About 10 minutes later, another plane crashed into the upper floors of the other twin towers, which also collapsed partially.

CNN reported that there are about 1,000 people presumed to be dead by the tragic incident.

CNN said that about 40,000 people are normally working in the twin towers and 150,000 people are being frequented in and out of the buildings a day.

US President Goerge W. Bush issued an immediate statement, saying that the attacks are obviously acts of heinous terrorism and directed concerned officials to take a thorough investigation into the incident.

President Bush also sent deep condolences to the bereaved families of the victims.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, president Kim Dae-jung was reported on the shocking terrisist attacks that occurred in the US.

President Kim instructed all the related ministries to take appropriate measures immediately and to report to him after finding about the possible damages on the Koreans living in the US cities.

Imports of Japanese livestock banned temporarily(E)

South Korean government has decided to temporarily ban imports of Japanese livestock products as a cow suspected of catching a mad cow diseases was found for the first time in Japan.
The ministry of agriculture announced Tuesday that it discontinued importing cattle and livestock from Japan including beef products as a precautionary measure although the exact cause of the diseases has not yet been known.
If disclosed to be mad cow disease, it will be the first case of mad cow disease in areas other than Europe.
The Korean government stopped importing Japanese made dairy products last year since the foot and mouse disease erupted in Japan before their imports began this April.

N.K. threatens to reconsider missile moratorium(P)

North Korea`s Foreign Ministry threatened to reconsider its decision to shelve missile test-firing in response to Japan`s launch of its first H2-A rocket two weeks ago.
A spokesman for the ministry said in a statement carried by the (North) Korean Central Broadcasting Station Tuesday that Japan`s rocket test-fire, which came at the climax of the country`s bid to revive its militarist history, clearly destroys the peace and stability of Northeast Asia.
The spokesman said Japan`s development of missiles to be targeted at the North is reaching a dangerous level. He added this may make us rethink our position toward the missile moratorium.

Korean patrol boats visiting Vladivostok for maritime cooperation(O)

According to Voice of Russia radio reports monitored in Seoul, two patrol ships from South Korea`s National Maritime Police Agency entered Vladivostok Monday at the invitation of the Russian frontier guards.
The Radio Station said that Korean crew members will stay in the far eastern Russian city for four days to discuss ways of preventing smuggling and maritime crime jointly with their Russian counterparts..
According to the radio reports, the Korean delegation will also observe Russian border guard`s drills and inspect the maritime rescue center.

Def. ministry details wish list for inter-Korean, U.S.-N.K. Rel.(P)

South Korea hopes to construct a joint research team with the United States that will devise methods to restrict and cope with North Korea`s conventional forces.
The Ministry of National Defense said Tuesday in material forwarded to the National Assembly`s Defense Committee that it is proceeding with a plan to construct a South Korean-U.S. joint military "confidence building measures (CBM) research team" to handle issues pertaining to the North`s conventional military forces. The ministry said, the joint team will prepare possible CBMs for North Korea`s conventional forces before South Korea and the United States take up the matter with the North.

KEDO executive director delays visit to N.K. due to typhoon(P)

Charles Kartman, executive director of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO), on Monday delayed his visit to North Korea from Tuesday to Thursday because of the approaching typhoon "Nari."
Kartman, who arrived in Seoul Friday, originally planned to depart the port city of Sokcho, Kangwon Province, Tuesday for the North Korean port of Yangwha, South Hamgyong Province.
He will attend a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of two light water nuclear reactors in the province`s Sinpo on Friday, and return to Seoul the following day to inspect nuclear power stations in Uljin, North Kyongsang Province before returning home.

U.S. Senate likely to hold hearing on N.K. policy(P)

Sources in Seoul said Monday the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee will likely open a public hearing on Washington`s North Korea policy before the possible resumption of talks between the two countries.
A diplomatic source said the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee will likely open a public hearing on Sept. 13 or around Sept. 20 to study the possibility for resuming Washington-Pyongyang dialogue and suggest opinions on the Bush administration`s North Korea policy.
He added that he was told that details of the hearing to be initiated by Democrats, including witnesses, were not determined.

Prichard expresses hopes for resumption of U.S.-N.K. talks(P)

Visiting U.S. special envoy for Korean peace talks, Jack Prichard, expressed his hopes Monday for an early resumption to stalled Washington-Pyongyang dialogue in the wake of the upcoming inter-Korean talks.
Meeting senior officials at the foreign ministry including Vice Minister Choi Sung-hong, Prichard was quoted as saying the ministerial talks between the two Koreas, set to open in Seoul from Sept. 15-18, would build "momentum" for U.S.-N.K. dialogue.
Both sides discussed upcoming diplomatic events, including next week`s foreign ministerial meeting, summit talks in the United States provisionally scheduled for Sept. 24th, and U.S. President George W. Bush`s visit to Seoul Oct. 18th.
Prichard was quoted as saying his country would map out a plan on how it would talk with the communist North after seeing the results of the upcoming inter-Korean talks.
Meanwhile, the senior official said Bush`s visit to Seoul in October will take place three days before the APEC summit slated for Shanghai Oct. 20-21.

N.K.-U.S. trade virtually at a standstill: KOTRA(E)

The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) said Tuesday North Korea-U.S. trade for the first half of this year has been extremely slow, presumably resulting from high tariffs and Washington`s frosty relationship with Pyongyang.
A report from KOTRA`s New York branch said the United States exported brakes and other auto parts worth $31,395 dollars in June and imported $16,405 dollars worth of capacitors and $6,362 dollars in television camera equipment in February.
Last year`s U.S. exports to the North reached over $2.73 million dollars in food and other relief goods.
U.S. purchases from North Korea has remained sluggish over the last few years, boosted sporadically by imports such as $29,234 dollars worth of transformers in November 1999 and $154,030 dollars in stamps and publications last year.

U.N. owes S.K. for E. Timor peacekeeping operation(O)

A lawmaker claimed Monday the United Nations has failed to pay some 70 percent of the cost of South Korean troops stationed in East Timor.
Grand National Party Rep. Chung Jey-moon said the United Nations has not paid some 14.3 billion won $11.1 million dollars in costs to the South Korean government.
Representative Chung said no part of the $8.23 million dollars in costs incurred this year have been paid, and $2.9 million dollars out of the $7.9 million dollars for the period between February and December 2000 have yet to be covered by the United Nations.
He added no memorandum of understanding was signed yet on the delayed payment, making prospects for early payment dismal.

Hainan to launch regular Incheon-Hainan Island flights(E)

Hainan Airlines of China said Monday it will operate a new route linking the Chinese resort island of Hainan to South Korea from Oct. 9 in an effort to attract Korean tourists to the island.
The airline said at a ceremony held in Seoul to mark the launch of the flights on the new route will leave three times a week from Sanya Phoenix Airport on Hainan Island at 1:30 p.m. Beijing time and arrive in Incheon International Airport 8:50 p.m..
Hainan Island, the second largest island in China, has emerged as a popular resort island with Korean travellers visiting the island on golf tours during the winter season.

U.S. expresses concern over possible gov`t subsidy to Hynix(E)

An official of the Ministry of Finance and Economy said Tuesday the United States recently expressed its concerns to South Korea over Seoul`s possible intervention in the settlement of ailing Hynix Semiconductor Inc..
The official said the U.S. Commerce Secretary Donald Evans and Treasury Secretary Paul O`Neill sent letters recently expressing their concerns over the Hynix issue when newspaper reports suggested financial aid would be provided to Hynix.
He said we will explain to them through diplomatic channels that South Korea has never violated regulations of the World Trade Organization in connection with the Hynix issue.
The official said that financial aid to Hynix has been made by creditor banks purely on a commercial basis.

S. Korea`s steel makers rush to set up plants in China(E)

South Korea`s steel producers are rushing to set up plants in China to break away from the current slump gripping the industry.
Industry sources said Tuesday TrefilARBED Korea Co., a joint venture between Korea`s KISWIRE and TrefilARBED in Luxembourg, is at a final stage of negotiations with Chinese authorities on its plan to set up a steelwire plant capable of producing 20,000 tons of steel wire a year in Qingdao, Shandung Province.
The company, which manufactures steel tire cord at Yangsan, Changwon and Okchon plants, plans to invest $80 million dollars to set up a steel tire cord plant in Qingdao and it has already signed a lease contract with the city for the projected plant`s site.

Taiwanese LCD firms break ahead of pack to surpass S Korean rivals(E)

Industry sources said Tuesday South Korean firms still lead in the global liquid crystal display (LCD) industry but Taiwanese rivals are closing in from behind.
Taiwan`s LCD maker Cando Corp. has acquired Hynix Semiconductor Inc.`s thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) unit, causing the Korean industry to fret about the Taiwanese wave rolling over the industry.
According to DisplaySearch, a Texas-based flat panel market research firm, South Korea topped the market share list for 10.4-inch or larger LCDs during the second quarter of the year, with its share gaining 4.8 percentage points from a year earlier to 41.5 percent.
In contrast, Taiwan posted faster growth in that same LCD market; its share rose a steep 9 percentage points to 18.9 percent.
Taiwan`s faster clip is attributed to its government`s resolve to increase Taiwanese firms` LCD production facilities and help push them to the top of the global LCD market.
Taiwanese firms also take advantage of lower-priced quality parts supplied by their local LCD part makers and inflows of capital from Chinese merchants residing overseas.

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