Hidden Symbols in Bronze Girl Statues


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Kim Seo-kyung and Kim Woon-sung added to the statue.

Unevenly cut hair
A closer look reveals the short hair of the girl appears to have been torn out, representing the suffering and isolation of the victim forcibly taken as a sex slave.

Clenched fists
The sculptors did not initially plan to make the fists clenched for the statue but changed their minds as the Japanese government continued to exert pressure on the South Korean government to stop the creation of the statues. They represent defiance in the face of adversity.

Raised heels of her bare feet
The girl has the heels of her bare feet raised to show that she is unable to ground herself in her home country even after the war has ended.

A small bird
The bird is a symbol of freedom and peace. From the Asian point of view, the small bird is a spiritual medium connecting the late and living victims to us.

Fragmented shadow of an elderly woman
The fragmented pieces of the girl’s painful memories form the shadow of an elderly woman.

A butterfly in the shadow
The butterfly represents hope for the girl’s reincarnation in a new life in a different world.

An empty chair
The empty chair is left for you to sit down and reflect on the suffering of the young girls taken as Japanese wartime sex slaves.

Source: KBS Digital Journalism Team
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