Hello KBS WORLD RADIO listeners!
We are GFriend.

We were busy promoting our second album with the song “Me Gustas Tu” up until last week. “Me Gustas Tu” is about an excited young girl’s new budding feelings for someone she loves.

First the kicking dance from your debut song “Glass Bead” and now the vaulting dance from “Me Gustas Tu” is getting a lot of attention. Wasn’t it difficult to learn the acrobatic choreography? How much did you have to practice?

Yerin: We’ve never learned acrobatics before…
ShinB: There are similar choreography out there that we asked our teacher, “Why not try something like acrobatics?”
Yerin: At first, we weren’t sure if we could pull it off, but as we started to learn it and have fun with it, we perfected it. How long has it been since we’ve learned the vaulting dance?
Sowon: 3 months? We worked on it for 3 months. But the vaulting dance isn’t a dance that you can do well on your own. We need teamwork amongst the three members and so it took a bit longer to perfect it. That’s why we feel more proud of ourselves. Maybe it’s because we have so many memories of us failing at the dance and hurting ourselves. We hope many people follow along and even upload videos [of the dance].
Eunha: Give it a try!
Yerin: We look forward to seeing many of your videos.

What were your first impressions of each other? Which member is t he most different from your first impression?

ShinB: Sowon!
Yerin: When I first met Sowon, she had longer hair and it was red. So she stood out and had this intimidating charisma. I used to think she was scary, but now I see her showing such love to the group. She calls out to us, “Hey girlies! Hey girlies!” Sowon is the most different from what I thought of her in the beginning.

After working so hard, if you could get a break, how would you want to spend it?

Yerin: I’d go home and sleep.
Sowon: What about you Yuju?
Yuju: Me? For me too. Ah! And if I were to get time off, of course I’d want to go home and sleep, but also I’d want to look around my neighborhood again.
ShinB: Yes. I’d want to go on a trip with the group.
Umji: If we had a long break.
ShinB: If we had a loooong break.
Yuju: First we’d spend time with our family.
ShinB: I’d want to go bungee jumping.
All: NO!!
Yuju: Only as far as an amusement park. Bungee jumping is too dangerous. And scary…

What about the rest of you then?

Sowon: I’ll follow the group.
Yerin: I’ll take pictures:
ShinB: Because the six of us are one, I too will be sure to follow along.
Eunha: Because we’re one, only one of us should do it.

Are there any singers you’d want to sing a duet with?

Yuju: There are so many. So many that it’d be hard to just pick one. Um..I will…
Yerin: You can only pick one.
Yuju: Ah~ I’ve been listening to a lot of rap and because of that, I think I would want a rapper to feature with.
Umji: Rap with them.

This question is from Luz Llayhra Flores Ureña in Mexico. Are there any Mexican foods you’re familiar with? And if so, which is your favorite?

Sowon: Tacos!
ShinB: Burritos!
Sowon: We know the ones that are common.
Yuju: We’d appear more sophisticated if we could say something more out of the ordinary. Too bad..
Yerin: Mexican…nachos?!
Eunha: Nachos! I love nachos.
ShinB: Nachos, tacos, and burritos?!
Eunha: Even in the movie theatres, I prefer nachos over popcorn.

What are traits of the other GFriend members you are jealous of?

Umji: Can I say one for each member?
Yuju: It’s all coming out now!
Umji: Sowon’s ability to not gain weight. Yerin’s white skin. And Yuju’s vocal talents. Eunha’s face shape. ShinB’s dancing line. Yes, those are it.

How is it to have your song currently be on it’s way back up on the charts and also be garnering global attention and interest?

Umji: We never expected this much interest.
Yerin: And honestly, I had no idea Yuju fell so many times. I knew she fell around the second verse, but I didn’t know she fell so much in the beginning part too.
Yuju: To be honest, after the second or third fall on stage, I started to think “What’s wrong with me?” and my head started to get all busy with thoughts. But amidst that, the first thought each time I fell was, “I need to get back up”. It was so hectic.
But I think whether it was me or my other members, or any other singer, they would’ve all done the same thing and gotten right back up. I’m just glad none of the other members got seriously injured.
Sowon: Yuju ws the first to fall and my position on stage is very similar to Yuju’s. So she was constantly in my line of vision. From my spot. Whether I could see her or not, the sound of her falling was so loud. There’s one part where we hold hands. I needed to hold her hand, but because of her falling things got complicated. I could see how bad her falls were and Yuju trying to hold back her tears. It was the first time such a thing happened for us, so we were all caught off-guard. We’re just glad everyone worked hard to end it as best as they could.

KBS WORLD RADIO listeners,
We, GFriend, had just finished our promotions for “Me Gustas Tu” and were able to greet you through this interview. We will try to show you all an even better image of ourselves so please show us a lot of love.

This has been GFriend. Thank you!

Yuju: Honestly, it hurt. However, because the thought of getting back up in the middle of our performance was filling my mind, I didn’t really feel the pain.
After we finished, my whole body was aching. I’m just glad there were no big injuries and we were able to finish the performance. All of us.

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