Your 2 Cents
  • 2017-09-02
  • MEGAB2ST aka Raman Khullar
I will never forget how Sarah and Chris

made calls to your regular listeners and I

am very happy to be one of those lucky

callers who received it. Go back in the

archives from April 8, 2008 003705 CDT

Plus they also asked about the weather

out on that Tuesday morning? I, said

First answer:

April Showers bring May Flowers

Second Answer:

It's raining, lazy, crazy and hazy.

It was totally worth it. At, that time my

daughter Diya was in background inside

the apartment that I was living in

Richardson, TX. And, then both of them

heard Diya's voice and they were asking

if she was fan of Kpop herself and that

time I, said yes.

By the way, final question

What song would you like to request is Big Bang Final Farewell

This is my 2 cents.
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