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  • 2017-09-03
  • Pei Juan
Monday, September 4

Hi Peter, I'm Pei Juan from Malaysia :) This is my first time using the message board. This has been a long time i'm listening to Korean radio (I used to listen to Arirang radio only). I found out this show because i'm feeling boring at this moment and wanting to listen to radio, so I search the internet and reach this page. haha.

Tuesday, September 5

The recent FIRST experience is learning swimming :) I've been wanted to learn swimming since ages ages and glad I'm doing it now. Though I still can't swim the breast stroke perfectly but I'm enjoying swimming very much.

Wednesday, September 6

I couldn't remember the first thing I did when I reached Korea, it was few years ago. It was first time I traveled solo, and everything was fascinating for me.

Thursday, September 7

The first Kpop group that got me hooked was Dong Bang Shin Ki, thru their music Rising Sun. Their dancing was full of charm, and I especially liked Xia Junsu.

Friday, September 8

I agree that FIRST LOVE is very special, one would remember it forever. It was a one-side open crush. I could never hide my feelings, so never had a secret crush. haha. He was a high school senior 3 years older than me. He was cute handsome, like someone walked out from the comic. We're still friend now, though not very close, but I'm glad he has found his other half, I sincerely wish him happiness. :)
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