Your 2 Cents - Monday September 4 to Friday September 8
  • 2017-09-04
  • Naziad Varsally
Hello DJ Angie and DJ Peter ~

Welcome to KPop-Connection, DJ Peter !

Hoping I'm not too late in answering the questions ^^

Starting with monday, september 4 question. I introduce myself, Naziad from Mauritius. I've always been fan of the Korean entertainment industry, whether it be KPOP, Dramas, Variety Shows.. So obviously when I started looking for job prospects for foreigners in the entertainment industry. Through LinkedIn, I found Emilee Jennings who was a host at KBS World Radio English Service and I've been following and listening to your shows since then.

Next, tuesday, september 5 question. August last year, I actually started working as a trainee network engineer. Most of the time, I used to troubleshoot problems with existing networks. Finally after a year I've been assigned to the team handling sales, product development and acquiring new contracts. I'm a science person, accounting and economics were foreign to me. But there we were a mix from different fields all working together to develop a new product. Product in our case is a "customize package deal" to present so as to bring in new companies contracting our services. This was a first for me and it was really interesting. I learned a lot of new things.

Moving to wednesday, september 6 question. I haven't been to Korea yet but I'm planning to next year for EXO encore concert in seoul. The first date of the their fourth tour have been confirmed starting 24, 25 and 26 November. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to make it because of work commitments. But, I'll definitely be going for the encore next year. It will be 2 years, I'll be more at ease in taking a long holiday ~ So, for me, the first place I would go is EXO concert.

Next thursday, september 7 question.

The first k-pop artist I came across to was Super Junior but at that time, it was just their music video circling around via bluetooth. I don't know who started sharing the video but when I got it, the person didn't know who it was nor did I. It's only in 2012, while listening to AAA, a japanese group signed with Avex, the same company as most SM artists, that I was able to put a name on that video. But the one group which got me hooked to K-Pop is EXO. After watching EXO interviews and variety shows online, I totally fell for them. Till now, I'm still their fan. ❤

Lastly, friday, september 8 question. My first love was in primary school. I was 7 at that time. He was so kind and caring towards me that I fell in love. You know how children are at that age. Once I told a boy sitting next to me that I did like him and the first thing he did was to go and tell him. I was so red at that time. I couldn't even look at him. Though my first love knew I loved him, he never said anything. The next 3 year we were in different classes and then we graduated and went to different middle school and high school. Now, 10 years later, in 2012, first lecture in university, we were asked to introduce ourselves. There he was. Out of all universities, out of all degree courses, we were back together in the same university, in the same degree course. I didn't realise it was him at first, he just looked so familiar. I kept thinking about who he was. On third day, in the middle of the lecture I finally recognized him. My heart was beating like crazy. Since it was so long and such a small probability of ever happening, I thought it was fate, we were meant to be. But soon enough, it got crushed. As I went to ask him if he remembered me, I got a cokd 'yes'. He didn't try to engage in further conversation. Then later, I got to know he has a girlfriend and tgey are going to get engaged in January. So, it wasn't fate xD Women also does not forget their first love.

That's it ~

Good morning and have a great day ahead everyone ! :)
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