Sundubu, or soft tofu that hasn’t been completely solidified, is enveloped in the unique aroma of beans. Comprised of 90 percent water, soft tofu can easily stuff any diner. It’s also a healthy food, rich with calcium and minerals. Soy bean...
  • Soegalbi-jjim (쇠갈비찜)

    Soegalbi-jjim (쇠갈비찜)

    According to the late 19th century cookbook entitled “Sieuijeonseo,” “galbi-jjim,” or braised beef ribs, was recorded as “gari-jjim.” That’s because “galbi,” or beef ribs, the meat between the ribs,...
  • Dubu-jorim (simmered tofu)두부조림

    Dubu-jorim (simmered tofu)두부조림

    One of Asia’s most well-known ingredients, tofu is known to have originated in China during the Song Dynasty. Soybeans are cooked and mashed, then boiled with water to curdle the soymilk tofu. This process is similar...
  • Kimchi-jjigae (김치찌개)

    Kimchi-jjigae (김치찌개)

    Kimchi-jjigae is a hot and spicy stew made with cabbage kimchi. It was considered the representative dish for commoners thanks to its simple ingredients and easy recipe. Simmered with napa cabbage kimchi, pork, tofu,...
  • Miyeokguk (미역국)

    Miyeokguk (미역국)

    According to the historical record “Chohakgi” China’s Tang Dynasty, Goryeo people started to serve seaweed to women during postnatal care after learning that whales nibble at the sea plant to heal after...
  • Jeyuk-bossam (제육보쌈)

    Jeyuk-bossam (제육보쌈)

    The term “jeyuk” is an ed form of “jeoyuk” for the sake of easier pronunciation. The word “jeo” means “pig” in Chinese characters. Jeyuk-bossam are pork slices with seasoned kimchi fillings wrapped in...
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