A local specialty of South Jeolla Province, tteokgalbi is seasoned, minced short rib beef wrapped around the ribs. A special sauce is spread on both sides while they are grilled. It was named tteokgalbi as the meat is minced and pounded in a similar...
  • Jatjuk (잣죽)

    Jatjuk (잣죽)

    The recipe for pine nut porridge was introduced in the 16th century Joseon Dynasty-era cookbook entitled “Eumsik-dimibang.” Most of the porridges enjoyed during the Joseon Dynasty are considered healthy dishes. In...
  • Naengmyeon (냉면)

    Naengmyeon (냉면)

    A traditional hansik dish, naengmyeon was a special treat enjoyed during the Joseon Dynasty according to historical records titled Dongguksesigi and Jinchaneuigye. There are two varieties of the specialty – Pyongyang...
  • Gyeojachae (겨자채)

    Gyeojachae (겨자채)

    Gyeojachae is a cold appetizer in which various vegetables such as cucumber and carrot slices are mixed with mustard sauce. The summer delicacy stimulates the appetite and is also a royal food enjoyed in the palace....
  • Pyeonsu (편수)

    Pyeonsu (편수)

    These traditional dumplings stuffed with vegetables were enjoyed on the occasion of Yudu, or June 15 on the lunar calendar. The name “pyeonsu” refers to something small floating on the water in the Chinese...
  • Kongguksu (콩국수)

    Kongguksu (콩국수)

    Also dubbed “the beef of the field,” beans are rich with protein. It is said that having beans daily will help one stay fit. Soybeans originate from the northern part of the Korean Peninsula and Manchuria, in...
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