Maekjeok (맥적) with Soybean Paste Sauce  open the window of AOD


Main Ingredients :
(Serves 2)
300 g pork neck fillet, 1 tbsp refined rice wine, 10 g Korean leek, 1 slice pineapple

Spices :
1 tbsp soybean paste, 1 tbsp starch syrup, 1 tbsp refined rice wine, 1 tsp finely-powdered red pepper, 1/2 tsp clear soy sauce, 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tsp sesame, 3 tbsp water
Maekjeok is a meat dish people of Goguyreo used to enjoy in the past. Since Goguryeo people were referred to as “maekjok”, the dish became to be known as “maekjeok.” According to the ancient book titled “Dongguksesigi”, a record about Korean custom and culture by scholar Hong Seok-mo in the 18th century Joseon under King Jeongjo’s rule, people back then used to skewer meat and barbeque them outdoor on a very cold winter day. It can be considered as the origin of bulgogi. These days it is called maekjeok. But the seasoning sauce for maekjeok is made with fermented soybean paste sauce, not soy sauce.

Direction :

Cut pork neck fillet into 1 cm-thick slices and clean off blood with kitchen towel and marinate in refined rice wine.

Cut pineapple slice into six pieces, clean Korean leeks and cut into 2-cm long and mince some for garnish.

Prepare the seasoning sauce as indicated and mix well before spreading on the pork.

First cook pineapple pieces on heated frying pan, turn off the heat and quickly cook the 2-cm long Korean leeks with some cooking oil.

Cook seasoned pork in medium high heat until the inside is done as well. Then cut them into pieces good to eat.

First place cooked Korean leeks, the cooked pineapple pieces and pork sprinkled with minced Korean leek garnish.

☑When having pork with pineapple, the fruit gets rid of the unique pork smell. What’s more, the fruit helps digestion.
☑Matsul, or refined rice wine, is used to eliminate pork smell. The wine is especially made for cooking in Korea. If you can’t get hold of matsul, use white wine or red wine.
☑If the soybean paste flavor is too strong, add peanut butter. Add the equal amount of peanut butter with the soybean paste to the sauce already made with soybean paste. It will render a special flavor.
☑Don’t cook maekjeok in high heat. Keep the heat between medium high and low until the inside is cooked as well. Quickly cook in high heat at the last moment before turning the heat off.
Kim Su-jinHansik Researcher

- Director of Association for Research on Taste of Korea
- Head Director of Food & Culture Korea Academy
- Nation’s First Film Food Director
(Major works: “Ssanghwajeom”, “The Painter of Wind”, “King and the Clown”, “Best Chef”)
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