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Expression of the Week

Hyo-won: 일단 좀 내려!
Just get off!
Eun-sook: 내 말 명심하게.
Remember what I said.
Hyo-won: 명심하긴 뭘 명심해? 신경쓰지 말아요, 강태양씨.
Remember what? Don’t worry about it Mr. Kang.
Eun-sook: 야!
Tae-yang: 안녕히 가십시오. 정신이 하나도 없네.
Good bye. What a mess.

정신이 하나도 없네 (What a mess.)

정신 – mind or spirit
이 – marker
하나 – one
도- additive particle meaning too, also, even
없다 – to not exist, to be nonexistent
~네 – casual statement ending indicating speaker’s impression or feeling

Casual – 정신이 하나도 없어.
Semi-polite – 정신이 하나도 없어요. / 정신이 하나도 없습니다.

>> [정신이 없다] is a idiomatic expression used when someone feels their "mind is a mess" because they are busy to the point of confusion or feeling scatterbrained and distracted because of something (usually negative) that has happened.

>>[하나도 없다] is an idiomatic expression emphasizing that there is nothing at all or not even one. "~도" is an additive particle meaning too, also, indeed, even. It puts emphasis on the world before it, with reference to something earlier in the context.

>> [먹을게 하나도 없네] means “there’s (absolutely) nothing to eat.”
- 먹을게 – things to eat

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