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Woo-jin: 하긴, 장사하긴 너무 어린애들이다.
Well, they are too young to be running a business.
어떻게 하냐, 큰일이네.
It’s terrible. What should we do?
쫌 도와주면 좋을 텐데. 모른 척 할 수도 없고 말이야.
It would be nice if we could help. We can’t just ignore them.

큰일이네 (It’s terrible.)

큰일 – (n) big project or important task; bad accident or major concern

Casual: 큰일이야
Semi-formal: 큰일이네(요)
Formal: 큰일났습니다

>> [큰일] literally means big task or occurrence. It is used to describe a hard-to-handle, important task or a major accident that is irrevocable.

>>[큰일] is also used to describe a big event or important occasion such as important family events like weddings or funerals.

>> You use [큰일이네] in situations when something worrisome has happened and you want to express your sympathy or worry about it.

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