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Se-rom : 오빠, 내가 원하는 프러포즈는 그런 게 아니잖아.
That’s not how I wanted to be told you loved me.
Ki-dae: 아니라고?
It’s not?
Se-rom: 왜 그래? 잘 알면서?
나, 너무 기대돼.
What do you mean? You know me better.
I can’t wait.

너무 기대돼 (I can’t wait)

너무 – adverb meaning “too”
기대 – noun meaning “expectation”
되다 – verb meaning “become”

Casual – 너무 기대돼
Semi-polite – 너무 기대돼요
Polite – 너무 기대됩니다.

>> [기대돼요] is a combination of [기대되다] and the ending “–아/어요.” Even native Korean speakers get confused with whether to use –돼요 or –되요 as the ending.

>> [기대돼] is the shortened form of “기대되어” which combines “ㅚ” with “ㅓ” to get “ㅙ”  되+어=돼. To create the honorific form, you can just add the auxiliary postpositional particle “요” at the end.

>> Relatedly, [기대하다] also means “to expect,” or “to look forward to”

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