Eun Ji-won Backs a New Artist


Eun Ji-won, a rapper and former leader of the 90s idol group Sechs Kies, has gone into producing and nurturing new artists. Eun’s representative announced that Eun had founded GYM Entertainment earlier this year to raise new, promising musicians and his first project is singer Gilmi. Now he has begun a new career as a music producer after spending 12 years as an idol singer.

Eun says that Gilmi is a very talented underground musician, who has put on more than 300 performances over the past 10 years. He will back up Gilmi’s first national appearance on Friday’s Music Bank by singing together “Love Cats,” the title song from Gilmi’s latest album.

Eun debuted in 1997 as the leader of Sechs Kies, the hottest idol group in the 1990s. He went solo after the group disbanded in 2002 and has released such hits as “Drunk in Melody,” “Adios,” and “Dangerous.” He’s also wildly popular as a member of a KBS comedy program, “Two Days and One Night.”

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