Park Jung-ah of Jewelry Dating Gil of LeeSsang


Park Jung-ah, leader of the girl group Jewelry, has been going out with Gil of hip hop duo LeeSsang for about a year now. The relationship between the two blossomed after they both appeared on Happy Sunday on KBS 2TV last year.

Park is the leader of Jewelry, whose hit “One More Time” swept the music charts early last year. Originally a hip hop singer, Gil is now a regular on two MBC variety shows, “Infinite Challenge” and “Come Play.” The two singers’ relationship has been kept secret even from their closest friends, because they chose to keep a low profile and didn’t want the media or their fans to make a fuss. The couple shares a lot in common, like their passion for music. Gil says that he fell for Park’s kind-heartedness and Park likes Gil’s steadfast and reliable personality. Both Park and Gil are getting ready to release albums later this month. It will be the sixth album for both Jewelry and LeeSsang.

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