Will TVXQ Stay Together?


Three members of TVXQ have stated that they will try to keep the boy band together as a five-member group. The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Hero, Micky, and Xiah, who filed a suit to free themselves from their 13-year binding contract with SM Entertainment. they have claimed that the contract was unfair and they were left out of proper profit distribution. Their ultimate demand is to have the contracts made null and void. The court still has to make a final ruling on nullifying the contract, but the three members are now allowed to appear in dramas, commercials, and movies and pursue other business interests while the decision is pending.

In the wake of the court’s initial verdict, the Korean music industry and TVXQ fans are making projections about where the group is headed. Some predicted that the three will bolt and form a new group under a new management agency, while some said that they will probably focus on TV dramas or overseas activities rather than their music careers, because of their falling-out with the industry giant SM Entertainment. However, close associates of Hero, Micky, and Xiah said that the three are very determined to keep the group together and asked people to refrain from making hasty projections.

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