Lee Hyun-woo Publishes a Cookbook


Singer Lee Hyun-woo has published a cookbook titled “Happy Recipes of Happy Dad Lee Hyun-woo.” This is his second cookbook, following “Lee Hyun-woo’s Easy Cooking for Singles” published in 2002.

Lee had married a freelance curator last February and the couple had a son in September. His latest cookbook contains recipes for husbands who wish to make meals for their pregnant wives. Most of the dishes are simple to prepare and use ingredients available in local grocery stores. There are different recipes for new mothers who are sick, wedding anniversary, baby shower, and postpartum nursing. The book also features Lee’s own experiences with his wife’s pregnancy and his son’s birth.

A video footage of Lee cooking for his pregnant wife will also be posted on the Daddy Book website (café.naver.com/daddybook), starting on January 15th.

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