Singer Yoon Do-hyun Presents MC Kim Jae-dong with a Song


Popular TV personality Kim Jae-dong has some great friends. Singer Yoon Do-hyun released a song on the 15th through an online music site titled "Kim Jae-dong Song : Oh-kyo-kyo-kyo" which he is dedicating as a gift to Kim. Yoon commented that he started on this song because he found it "amazing that [Kim's] such small eyes could look at and take in this world".

Lyrically, there are some seemingly offensive lines that talk about Kim's "small eyes", "a face as ugly as leftover ramyun pieces", "dreary body", etc. However, Yoon also sings about Kim's "warm heart", how it's "amazing that he can move and shake this world all through the power of one microphone", and that Yoon will forever be there by Kim's side like a trusty older brother.

Rapper/singer MC Mong also took part in this project. Yoon wanted someone who had a more light, comical, and bright touch to do the arrangements for the song. Coincidentally, MC Mong had somehow heard it and decided he wanted to take part in it as well.

What's even more touching is not the birth of this song but what can potentially come from it. Yoon is planning on donating all money made from it to Kim Jae-dong's lifelong dream of building an alternative school. Yoon said that he also hopes the song will encourage people to be more warm-hearted to comfort and embrace each other amidst this dark and dreary world.

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