Yoon Son-ha Out of "Fugitive Plan B" Indefinitely


After getting into a car accident during the dawn hours of October 30th, Yoon Son-ha's injuries were announced to be too serious for her to continue with her filming for drama "Fugitive Plan B" on KBS 2TV.

Yoon received surgery on October 31st, where the doctors inserted a metal pin to hold her right hip and thigh aligned in place. She is expected to stay in the hospital for continued post-op treatment for a minimum of a week. This is too long of an absence in terms of the filming scheduling for the upcoming 12th episode, set to air on November 4th. Producers and writers of "Fugitive Plan B" revealed that they will be altering the scripts quite a bit to accommodate for Yoon's absence. They said that it's too early to tell if Yoon's character, Hwang Mi-jin, will be written off altogether. If the actress recuperates in time, she may be able to appear in some of the later episodes.

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