2PM Reaches #13 On Billboard World Charts


2PM has reached surprising new heights on the US Billboard World Charts despite the fact that they haven't even been actively promoting in the US. As of November 1st, the group's title song -- "I'll Be Back" -- off of their new album, "Still 02:00 PM", reached #13. The Billboard World Charts ranking is determined through album sales and online downloads. It's one of the most coveted rankings in the world. 2PM were among the likes of Irish country singer Daniel O'Donnell and the band Celtic Thunder, originally from Ireland.

It's not just the Billboard charts that the guys have been faring well on. Over in Japan, pre-orders for "Still 02:00" topped the Oricon charts and the Tower Record Album and DVD rankings at number one. In Taiwan, the idol group was in the top tier of the Five Music and G-Music charts. On You Tube, the music video for their title song attracted over 2 million hits.

2PM's reps at JYP Entertainment said, "We were surprised and happy to hear of such great results that we didn't even think were possible. 2PM will continue to give their all to only show their best."

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