SHINee Concludes Fan Party In Taiwan


Popular idol group SHINee successfully held a party for their fans at the International Convention Center in Taipei, Taiwan on November 7th, 7 PM. 3,500 fans showed up in attendance.

Of course the boys took to the stage and performed their hit songs, such as "Ring Ding Dong", "Lucifer", and "Hello". Also, they held games where winners were given SHINee memorabilia. The members also used the few Chinese phrases they knew (i.e. "You're pretty", "Please come") to connect with their international fans.

Goers got a taste of each of the member's individual talents as well. Tae-min sang Kim Woo-joo's "I Love You", Jong-hyun gave his rendition of Jo Gyu-chan's "Baby Baby", Onew sang Chinese artists, Joo Geol-ryun's (Korean pronunciation) song "Safety", Min-ho performed musiq soulchild's "If U Leave", and Key took to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok".

The tickets for this fan party went on sale October 16th, where all 3,500 seats were sold out within 15 minutes. On the evening of the event, the venue was packed with reporters from many different sources of media, signaling SHINee's popularity even outside of Korea.

The group had a busy schedule the second they landed in Taiwan with press conferences, interviews, and various TV/radio appearances. There was so much chaos and traffic congestion at the airport when they landed that even police assistance was needed.

A press conference in honoring the fact that this was SHINee's first fan meeting in the country, was held on the 5th. The group has reached number one on the G-Music charts ever since releasing their second album "Lucifer" on August 13th in Taiwan. The boys hit number on on the MTV and Channel V (Korean & Japanese) charts, and Iradio's Eastern Gold Song Charts as well. That's not all. Their album went platinum, which in Taiwan, means over 10,000 copies were sold.

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