NRG Member, Noh Yoo-min Getting Married?


Although NRG member, Noh Yoo-min's reps had denied rumors of a possible wedding looming, reports from KBS Wedding Hall's side has confirmed it! Following their reports, there are indeed plans for the star to get hitched!?

According to a source from KBS Wedding Hall on November 9th, Noh made reservations for a wedding between him and his wife-to-be -- a woman six years his senior. The 30-year-old singer is said to be tying the knot on November 28th at 3 PM.

However, it's not a case-closed deal. Noh's entertainment agency is continuing to claim that these wedding rumors are groundless. Reps stated that after seeing the articles, they've called Noh directly to ask if they were true. Noh responded that the rumors were false and that there were no wedding plans as of yet.

Noh and his girlfriend, Lee, were dating ever since 2008. Lee has over 10 years of experience as a backup singer for the likes of Kim Gun-mo and Jang Yoon-jung. Even after Noh was released from his military service in 2009, he announced, "I'd like to thank my girlfriend for waiting for me."

Noh is currently busy prepping for his solo comeback with a new album titled "EzSong", slated for a November 16th release.

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