JYJ Fans Show Their Support


The power of "fandom" has once again shone through. This time through the diehard fans of JYJ. Just four days after having launched a fundraising project to support the trio's promotions, already over 100 million won has been collected.?This was all overseen and jointly managed by the JYJ Fan Coalition.

On January 14th, JYJ fans started this project with the ultimate goal of putting up support messages on the ad space of buses. By the 18th, the group had met their goal of 100 million won, but due to the requests of overseas fans who also wanted to show their support, the fundraising period was extended to the 20th. At the end of it all, 140 million won was collected.

This isn't all. JYJ fans have also started the prep work to start up their own internet broadcasting station. With the trio's legal troubles with SM Entertainment, there have been major disruptions to their promotions. To fight back, fans have decided to set up their own private broadcaster dedicated solely to JYJ and their music.

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