IU's "Good Day", Best Song For The Long Drive On Lunar New Year's


As many already know, the lunar new year holidays bring about some of the worse traffic congestion in Korea. The mass exodus of people in Seoul leaving for their hometowns down south leave cars stuck on expressways for hours at a time. What better way to brighten up the tedious drive than good music?

The Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs conducted a survey through their official twitter from January 25-27th with 713 respondants. When asked what song they most want to hear on their long drives during the lunar new year holidays, 19% responded with IU's "Good Day". 2nd place went to Hyunbin's song, "That Man", with 7%. Third place was Eru's "White Tears" which brought in 6.5%. Continuing down the ranks, Yumi's "Star" won 4th place with 6%, Lee Gi-chan's "Beauty" with 5%, and Kim Ah-joong's "Maria" with 4%. Trailing behind, Park Sang-cheol's "Regardless" brought in 2%, HOT's "Happiness" with 1.5%, Jo Yong-pil's "Let's Go On A Trip" with 1%, and GD&TOP's "High High" with 1%.

On a related note, IU fans will be happy to hear that the young singer will re-start her music promotions -- which were put on hold to focus on her acting role in the drama "Dream High" -- on February 17th. She will release her next single, "Only I Didn't Know". It has yet to be decided whether this followup track will be released through a repackaged album of "Real" or as a digital single.

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