Stellar's "Rocket Girl" Music Video Banned From KBS


One of the main three broadcasters in Korea, KBS has officially banned the music video for newbie group Stellar's "Rocket". The decision was based on the opinion that it was too sexually suggestive.

The song, composed by Kim Do-hyun, is based on the theme of living your life with confidence. However, the music video was seen as sexually suggestive for the girls' outfit consisting of leggings and too violent because of a gun fight scene.

However, the other two broadcasting giants, MBC and SBS, passed the video through with no problems.

Stellar's agency revealed that due to this ban, they were forced to re-edit the entire music video to delete the gun and legging scenes. The agency said that KBS had eventually passed the second re-edited version. The original version will be available for curious fans through YouTube at a later date.

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