Park Yoo-chun & Moon Geun-young, Most Popular Asian Actor/Actress


Star of "Sunggyunkwan Scandal", Park Yoo-chun, and starlet of "Mary Stayed Out All Night", Moon Geun-young, were chosen as Asia's
most popular actor and actress.

According to Yahoo! Korea's survey conducted from July 18-August 16 --ahead of the Seoul Drama Awards 2011 --in Korean, English, and Japanese, Park and Moon were each number one for their own gender acting category.

Park was chosen out of 115 total contenders, winning over 480,000 votes. Following Park were Jang Geun-seok ("Mary Stayed Out All Night") and then Kim Jae-won ("Can You Hear My Heart?").

As for the females, Moon was trailed by Park Min-young in 2nd place ("Sunggyunkwan Scandal") and Ha Ji-won in third ("Secret Garden").

The Seoul Drama Awards 2011 will be held on August 31st at the Seoul KBS Hall.

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