LeeSsang's Popularity Continues


The male hip hop duo, LeeSsang, has been providing non-idol music acts in Korea with hope: It is possible to reign in this idol-saturated market.

Gil and Gary recently released their 7th album, "Asura Balbalta", on August 25th which includes the songs "The Answer To A Guy Like Me Is You" and the super popular "Turned Off The TV". Many of the album's songs have landed on major music charts, with the title track "Turned Off The TV" continuing to hold down the top tier.

On top of all this, they're taking over concert ticket sales too.

According to Interpark on August 30th, tickets for LeeSsang's first headlining concert "LeeSsang Theatre" (November 4-6) sold out as soon as tickets went up for sale. "LeeSsang Theatre" was number one in terms of ticket sales for the last week of August.

Following them was the combined concert of Norwegian folk duo Kings Of Convenience and the internationally-renowned pop jazz singer songwriter Wouter Hamel in second. Popular R&B singer who shot to fame through "I'm A Singer", Park Jung-hyun was third with her October nationwide tour.

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