Autumn in Korean pop music is full of “diseases”


In the autumn Korean pop music scene where ballads dominate, many titles of songs that are gaining popularity are the names of diseases. Female vocalist Geomi is receiving spotlight for her song “Amnesia.” She uses an impressive way of singing to express the sorrow and pain of not being able to erase the memories with a former lover. Hwisung who returned with his 3rd album sings “Bulchibyeong”, or “An Incurable Disease”. The song is a sophisticated hip-hop number in which the best of Hwisung can be heard. Singer Lee Seung-hwa released his 8th album after a 3-year hiatus. The title song of his new album is “Heart Disease” in which the magnificent sound of a 40-member orchestra is splendid. Male vocal group Shinhwa is performing “Febrile Disease”, a new song that is recently gaining popularity after “Brand New”.

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