MC Mong debuts on screen


Hip-hop singer MC Mong is to make a screen debut through an action comedy film entitled “The Legends of the Dike” of which the shooting will in February. MC Mong will play one of the leading roles in the film. The film “The Legends of the Dike” is about 3 friends in high school who engage in various mischievous events around ‘the Dike,’ the favorite place for them. MC Mong will play the role of one of the three friends who has a comic character. However, it is not the first time that MC Mong will appear on screen.

MC Mong had acted in an SF film entitled “Deus Makina” starring Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Jeong-hwa. MC Mong played the friend of Kwon Sang-woo in the film, but the movie didn’t open in theaters. Having been recognized for his acting talent in the MBC TV sitcom series “Nonstop 4,” MC Mong also participated in the drama series “A Sad Love Song” that had ended in March this year.

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