Jessica H.o is the new Uptown girl


Vocalist Jessica H.o has been recruited as the new member of Uptown, a band focusing on soul music. Jessica H.o’s vocal talent was recognized when her hit song “Get Up” debuted last year. Members of Uptown said, “At first we were planning to scout an African-American female vocalist to replace our former vocalist Yoon Mi-rae, but we asked Jessica H.o to work with us after hearing her voice, while preparing for the our new album’s showcase.” Jeong Yeon-joon, the leader of the band said, “The first moment we sang together, we were convinced that Jessica H.o’s voice was exactly what we were looking for.” Jeong added, “As Jessica H.o was born in the U.S., she is fluent in English, yet has Korean sentimentality inside her, and therefore can perform R&B in a Korean style.” Jessica H.o is planning to perform both as a member of Uptown and as a solo singer. Uptown’s 5th album entitled, “Testimony” will be officially released on May 25th.

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