Mc Mong tops the charts


MC Mong has proved his talents and success as a solo artist with all three of his solo albums reaching the top of the charts. “Ice Cream,” the new single off his third solo album topped the local charts on November 19th, beating big names like Rain and Se7en. Mc Mong writes most of his songs himself, even stating that, when he is in the right mood, he can write several in half an hour. In contrast, other songs can take him a month or more. Because of his rowdy, fun-loving, high-school boy image, not many people know that he is actually a reserved person who is very committed to writing songs. The song “Ice Cream” likens the chill of parting to ice cream. He said he got the idea while trying to find a funny way to tell a sad story - being funny, after all, is his trademark.

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