Battle A Hit In Thailand


6-member boy band Battle has just wrapped up a successful whirlwind promotional tour of Thailand.

The group promoted their first single album released in the South East Asian country. This is the first time they have visited Thailand, but have been popular there since their debut late last year.

Fans crowded the airport and the group’s hotel to greet the 6 members.
More than 2000 fans eagerly waited at Suwanapoom Airport on the 18th to catch a glimpse of their pop idols.
The group appeared on a live radio broadcast called “Interview With Battle” the next morning and introduced their first single. They later met more than 1500 fans at a Bangkok shopping mall, MCC, and went through a barrage of interviews with the local press.
The next day they performed for more than 3000 fans at the Esplanade Grand Hotel.
The group said they were proud and thankful for the attention they received, saying that they hoped to visit the country again, as soon as possible.
Battle will go to China on the 28th to promote their single before releasing their second single “말해!/Malhae!” (“Say It!”) in Korea and Thailand on the 31st.

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