“Portrait of a Beauty” Most Anticipated Film in Fall


“Portrait of a Beauty,” a film about painter Shin Yun-bok of the Joseon era, was cited the most anticipated Korean movie this fall in a survey conducted by the film site Movist (www.movist.com). In the survey 994 out of 5485 respondents (18%) replied that this faction film was their number one choice for the fall movie.

Starring Kim Min-seon and Chu Ja-hyun, “Portrait of a Beauty” is about a genius female painter, who had to disguise herself as a man to survive in the Confucian era, and the relationship she has with Kim Hong-do, another illustrious painter of the time and her mentor. The release date has not been determined yet, but it’s certain to stir up huge interest in Korean painting, not to mention renewed enthusiasm for the long-struggling Korean film industry.

Following the “Portrait of a Beauty” in the survey were “One Fine Day,” starring award-winning Jeon Do-yeon and Ha Jeong-woo, “Go Go 70” with Shin Min-ah and Jo Seung-woo, “Truck” with Yu Hae-jin, and “Modern Boy” with glamorous Kim Hye-soo and dandy Park Hae-il.

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