Singer Kim Tae-woo Discharged from Military


Kim Tae-woo, the vocalist for male quintet g.o.d., has wrapped up his mandatory military service with honor on Wednesday. Kim began his duty in March 2007 and has been an exemplary member of the military’s search and rescue unit. Marking his outstanding performance, Kim was awarded several commendations from unit commanders and county governor.

Immediately after his discharge, Kim held a concert in southern Seoul at five in the afternoon to thank his fans. He also plans to release a digital single in April and a regular album in July.

Kim’s discharge has upped g.o.d. fans’ expectations about the group’s return. The five members of g.o.d. went their separate ways in October 2005, although they did not announce an official breakup. Now that Kim’s finished with his military duty and Park Joon-hyung is back in Korea to promote his new Hollywood film, “Dragon Ball,” it has become easier for the group members to get together. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the team’s debut, lending credence to the speculations about their comeback.

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