Lee Jae-jin Sentenced Two-year Probation


Singer Lee Jae-jin, a former member of ‘90s idol group Sechs Kies, was sentenced one year of imprisonment and two years of probation for going AWOL in March. The Military Court first ordered a year in prison for Lee, saying that his offense was very serious and the period of absence quite long. However, given that Lee did not commit any other crime, had recently suffered family tragedies, and promised to faithfully finish his military duty, the court sentenced him to two years in probation, which essentially exempts Lee from having to serve any prison time. Nonetheless, he has to return to the base immediately and serve extra 33 days to make up for the period he went missing.

Lee took a leave from his military unit on March 6th, but had failed to return to the unit for over a month. He was arrested by the military police at an inn near Daegu Station on April 8th. His mother passed away from cirrhosis of the liver in May 2008, just three months before he was due to begin his military service, and Lee is known to have been under severe mental stress and diagnosed with depression.

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